Brad Allen

Brad Allen is the “glue” that ensures seamless in-room delivery of your business summit, large workshop, or company event.

As the in-event process facilitator, Brad acts as the chief of staff for the facilitation lead and primary sponsor. Brad is the facilitator of the process that delivers the key objectives of the event’s principal sponsor.

Brad’s role involves heavy operational, strategic, and cross-functional execution, i.e.,

  • Overseeing and contributing to event planning, logistics and delivery;
  • Facilitation delivery team communication, engagement, and coordination; and
  • During the event, being the single point of contact with event and venue coordinators, contributors and speakers, and other members of the event delivery team.

As the in-event process facilitator, Brad takes on a diverse set of responsibilities that draw on his event delivery experience, his leadership capabilities, and the priorities of the event’s principal sponsor.

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Fried Chicken is Awesome - Finding YOUR way in a world gone mad

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