Brad Allen

As a skilled facilitator, Brad Allen ensures that events—whether they are business summits, large workshops, or company gatherings—are purpose-driven, engaging, and seamlessly delivered. His orchestration makes certain that sponsor key objectives are met.

Brad wears several hats in the facilitation realm:

  • Event Designer and Planner: Guiding the co-creation process, he transforms objectives and ideas into tangible instructions.
  • Lead Facilitator: Brad steers discussions, manages time, fosters participation, and ensures seamless coordination among participants and speakers.
  • In-Event Process Facilitator: Overseeing event planning, logistics, and delivery, he serves as the single point of contact for event and venue coordinators, contributors, speakers, and other team members.
  • Content Expert: With a wealth of experience as an accredited leadership coach, Brad brings valuable insights to the table.

Sectors: Construction, Education, Energy, Environment and Sustainability, Finance, Hospitality, Insurance, Life Sciences, Local & National Government, Mining, Oil & Gas, Retail, Standardisation, and Technology.

Stats: 550+ hours in facilitation


  • Adv Dip - Personal and Executive Coaching (Kingstown College, Dublin)
  • MBA (Smurfit / University College Dublin)
  • BSc (Curtin University, Perth)


  • Individual Team Coaching Accreditation, Foundation (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)
  • European Individual Accreditation, Practitioner (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)
  • Certified for Psychometric Testing (The British Psychological Society)

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Testimonial: Enabling great people to focus on future generations, create a sustainable future and be good ancestors

Enabling great people to focus on future generations, create a sustainable future and be good ancestors

"Achieving great things requires great people doing their best at what they do. In working with the oceans to develop blue growth strategies and fight climate change, we at Simply Blue Group recognise the value of great people and how important it is to create the conditions for them to be at their best. Our continued growth simply wouldn’t be possible without that.

With things opening up again, it was decided to bring everyone together for a working session. We had grown substantially since the start of 2020 and many of our valued people hadn’t met yet in person. We also had some key challenges to discuss as we aim to continue our exponential growth.

Our objectives for this two-day working session included building and strengthening bonds, and the co-creation of the structures that we need to bring Simply Blue Group forward. In honouring our values and commitment to our people, we recognised that bringing together our 45 strong team from the many corners of the globe was going to require something special. It was going to require great people who knew what was needed. A search for specialist facilitators in Ireland brought me to Brad Allen.

Brad put together a team of experienced facilitators to design, plan and then deliver the event. Working with our internal event coordinators, the skills and experience of the facilitation team helped ensure we had everything we needed to have a productive and engaging first in-person gathering of the Simply Bluers.

Over the course of the two days, we got to know more about each other’s unique qualities, we formed bonds and we brought attention to understanding deeply what was needed to ensure our ongoing success. We made the utmost of the treasured in-person time together. That wouldn’t have happened as easily and seamlessly without the help of Brad’s team of professional facilitators.

I can highly recommend Brad Allen as the engagement lead and event process facilitator. I also highly recommend the lead facilitator and session designer, Peter Day, and the two wonderfully talented graphic facilitators, Silvia Alba and Esther Blodau. There is no doubt in my mind that the event wouldn’t have had the same "wow" factor without the dedication and full engagement of these truly talented professionals."

Hugh Kelly
Simply Blue Group

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